Full Moon Energies

Soul Temple Meditation! 

How did you go with the intense full moon energies?? 

I wanted to share with you how I've been. 

The energy built up with such fierceness that I was left feeling completely drained on Sunday and unable to move! I literally laid on the couch all afternoon & night feeling sorry for myself!
I had Fear & Self-doubt creep in! Fear of being seen! Doubting whether or not I can show up for you and my Soul Tribe! 

I could hear my Soul Temple calling me, I knew there was a message for me there. So last night after everyone went to bed, I sat down by the fire with  a quartz crystal and went into my Soul Temple! 

As I arrived I had my Crow & Brown Bear animal guides greet me. I also had a new animal guide waiting for me. It was a glorious Black Panther! Her fur shimmered in the sun and the walk she walked all confident and a strong knowing that she could walk her path alone. It was breath taking to watch! 

Inside my Soul Temple I noticed it had changed a little, from a beautiful white glow, from the quartz crystals to a light blue glow! There was a huge quartz crystal bowl in the centre filled with light blue crystals, Aqua Aura Crystals! 

I was guided to stand next to them and allow a light healing from the universe and the crystals! 

It was intense! I was shown images I had forgotten as a child. I was shown a time of when there where spirits around and how that had affected people around me. I was scared and immediately blocked them, once again! 

I was told I have to Shine my Light on my Darkness, Surrender & Open to it, to Heal it! 

It was time to leave my Soul Temple & return back to my body! 

Once I'd returned I was urged to google Panther Spirit Guides. What I discovered was amazing and right on point! 

Here are symbolisms for the Panther that I resonated with; Astral travel, Guardian energy, Symbol of the feminine, Death & rebirth, Reclaiming your power, Ability to know the dark, Aggressiveness & power.  If you would like to read more on the Panther you can find it here www.spiritanimal.info/panther-spirit-animal 

I look forward to connecting with again soon, until then take care and Shine brightly.

Love + light

Lisa xo