The birth of my third child did not go as I had planned!

I was so excited to meet our little Earth child. I used mantras, read positive birth stories, meditated, had healing crystals and Oracle cards around me! I had this in the bag! I'd done it twice before so was prepared for a long labour full of it's own twists and turns.

But of course what I had on my birth plan was not what the Universe had planned for me!
Labour did not proceed as it should have and before I knew it there was discussions of a cesarean. To be honest this freaked me out!


Was I strong enough?

Would I die?

Would my baby die?

I could feel the panic rising up through my body and I couldn't run from this! I so wanted to run....

I breathed into the fear, the panic!

I spoke to my guides, angels & God. I asked for strength & guidance. I surrendered! I opened myself and let what was to come next to come. I asked for a sign.

The next three signs all pointed towards a cesarean. Even with the fear, I knew I was supported and loved.
I used my tools, I breathed, repeated my mantras and welcomed my beautiful baby earth child to the world.

 Why am I sharing this with you?

Cause anxiety and fear will rise Again and Again!

It's when we start to connect to ourselves on a deeper level, and really get to know our Soul, that we can face our anxiety and fears with love.

If you want to know more or are ready to meet your anxiety with love email me or PM me on Facebook.

Love + light beautiful souls

Lisa xo