I see You

I See You sitting there worrying if you've done enough for your child/children.

I See You worrying if anyone has noticed you're not feeling safe.

I See You feeling that the earth just might collapse from right under you.

I See You hiding from yourself.

I See You struggling to breathe.

I See You just holding it all together.

I See You because I am You!

I have been where you are fearing the morning, the start of a new day, a new day of fears, of panic! Wondering how I'm going to face this day and be enough for my children! Will they notice my anxiety and panic? Will they know I just want to run away and sleep and not worry or fear the day anymore.

I wished it would it would all end!

Not my life!

The Fear, the Panic, the Constant Worry!

Somewhere deep inside me I knew there was more than this!

I hoped there was more!

I wanted to feel alive!

I wanted more for my children!

I wanted them to not be scared to live!

I want You to know that you don't have to live that way any longer.

Contact me and let's work together to meet your Anxiety with Love and turn your Fear into Excitement.

I see You
You are Worthy of so much more.

Love + light beautiful soul Lisa xo

She believed she could.jpg



she could, 


she did