I Will Not Apologise!

I've let quite a few of my daily spiritual + self love rituals fall aside in the bliss of a new baby. I didn't even notice until I was filled with anxiety, couldn't breathe & just wanted to cry.
I felt so overwhelmed trying to be superwoman and do everything myself, not asking for help or allowing myself to be supported that it took Anxiety to wake me up and take notice.

Why in earth did I feel I needed to prove myself? And to Who?

Why did I think I was not enough?

Why have I been scared to be me?

I'll tell you why................ because I was out of alignment with ME!

I was trying to be someone I'm not!

I was allowing people's judgement's of should's and could's push me in a direction that is not Me!
Not anymore!

I will not Apologise for feeling things too much!

I will not Apologise for caring for myself first!

I will not Apologise for feeling the cries deep within of Mother Earth!

I will not Apologise or explain myself any longer.

Yes I am a Mum, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Empath, Intuitive Healer, Leader, Goddess, Earth Warrior, but these are just labels and are only a fraction of who I am.
I am so much more and allow Myself to awaken more and shine in a new bright and sparkly way.

I have started OM chanting meditating again and just love how it not only relaxes me but also soothes my beautiful little baby. I love sharing my practices with my children and want them to grow up knowing the importance of Connection to Self!

Anxiety arrives when are not looking after ourselves and listening to our Soul! It has a message for us, not always clear and easy to decipher but it is there. If you need help breaking through your anxiety get in contact and let's kick anxiety's butt and start living from a place of Love! 

Love + light, Lisa xx

Full Moon Goddess.jpg