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Dance into the Flow

Even if you don't have time

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When you're in the daily mess of kids, work and putting everyone else first, it's easy to lose your connection to yourself.

But no matter how busy you are, Goddess, your Soul is waiting for you.

To ease your stress and transform your overwhelm, you need to claim the power and wisdom within.

To sit in circle with your sisters, use the simple tools of Mother Earth, and devote more time to you each day.

That's why I'm here.

All photography by  Sarah Ryan

All photography by Sarah Ryan

I'm Lisa, a Soulful mentor + priestess who helps busy women heal by reconnecting to their Soul.

I'll help you reconnect to your infinite wisdom, reclaim your intuitive power, and dance wild, barefoot & free in the garden of your Soul.

So you can shine as the Goddess you are,  everyday.

If you're feeling a little stuck right now,  I've made a special guide to help you dance back into the flow.

It's fast, fun and 100% free. Download it below, and see how easy it is to get out of your head and into your power!

(No meditating required)

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Soulful Offers



Goddess Circles in Hobart, Australia

A sacred space for women to gather, connect, and reignite their inner wisdom.

Each New & Full Moon



Tools & Healings to Support Your Journey

A collection of powerful crystals, essential oils, 1:1 Soul readings and unique channelled artwork.

Opens October 1st


My Story

My Journey from Anxiety to Divine Love

Reclaiming my ancient Witch/Priestess helped me through my darkest time.

See how I healed with Soul


Devoted to You

4 Week  eCourse

Sacred Self-Care Rituals for Daily Devotion

Ease your stress and increase your self-love in a nurturing circle of women.

Because isn't it time you took care of yourself, Goddess?

Starts October 31st