Anxiety has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember!


There have been times when it has crippled me to the edge of my existence, feeling like there was no tomorrow, fearing tomorrow.

There have also been the most incredible day’s of my existence!

Day’s where I have had very low anxiety, making tomorrow seem possible.

Should I dream of a future?

Will anxiety own me forever?


I felt a stirring within, Should I follow it?

I started searching, not sure what for but knew there was something or someone out there that could help me unlock the secrets I held deep within.

I felt lost.

I felt alone.

Then one day I opened up to the right person and just like that things started to change.

One after another some of the most wonderful beings entered my life, teachers that guided me, a new way of being.

This is what I’d been yearning for!

I learned that my anxiety wasn’t to be feared. It was & is an antenna, receiving frequencies known + unknown, guiding me, pushing me + protecting me.

I started to remember,

Who I AM!

I learned new skills, how to protect my energy, how I absorbed energy. I learned a lot about my energetic field and just how Sacred my energy is.

How Sacred I AM!

I no longer fear tomorrow, I welcome it.

I embrace my journey knowing it is sacred, short + oh so important. There is still so much for me to learn, to remember. I am so excited for what is yet to come + so grateful for today.

Anxiety is just a part of who I am, but has guided me to the most magical parts of who I AM.

I AM an empath, intuitive guide, energy healer, earth mumma, a creator of magic.

I AM a daughter, sister, wife, mother + friend.


Earth Conscious Energy Healer + Sacred Leader

Join me

I am ready to guide You home to your Soul, your Intuition + Divine Feminine Self.

I run Earth circles, do Intuitive Readings + Healings for women who are ready to return home to their Soul, Intuition + Divine Feminine Self.

I'm devoted to reclaiming my Soul and helping other women reclaim theirs.

If your Soul is calling to you, reach out and embrace your true power.

You are infinitely + unconditionally loved.

Lisa xo