Intuitive Readings & Healings



Earth Mother Speaks

This reading is for those who are seeking guidance on how they can enhance their physical, emotional + spiritual life as well as how they can give back to Mother Earth.

Earth Mother Speaks is a deeply informative + direct reading from Mother Earth to You as well as a ritual for you to deepen your connection with Yourself, the Divine + Mother Earth.

Earth Mother Speaks $44


Divine Healing + Spiritual Guidance

This reading is for those times when you may have a specific question or an issue you want to go deeper with.

I connect with my guides, the Divine + Mother Earth as well as Your Soul to bring through healing + guidance for your highest good for your right now + your future.

You will also receive a ritual/healing process to help you on your healing + spiritual journey.

Divine Healing + Spiritual Guidance $77

Earth Energy Healing

I connect with your Soul to see where you may have blocked or stagnant energy.

As I journey with your Soul I intuitively feel where + what needs shifting, I then use a combination of intuitive modalities to release these blocks so you are able to move forward in your life Earth side.

To help you integrate these energetic shifts + to stay grounded + balanced, I intuitively make an essential oil blend specifically tailored from our session together. Use this daily while integrating or when you feel the need to be balanced + grounded.

These sessions can be done in person or via distance.

If you opt for distance I record the session and then send you a detailed email  for you to read and fully immerse yourself in for deeper healing.

Earth Energy Healing $111