Readings & Healings


Goddess Reading.png

Goddess Reading

I connect with Your Soul to bring forth guidance on how you can connect with your higher self on a deeper level promoting a new sense of self-confidence, self-love + self-esteem.

It is time for You to feel Nurtured, Supported + Loved.

You will receive a detailed email on what your soul message is as well a specific ritual for you.


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Earth Energy Healing

I connect with your Soul to see where you may have blocked or stagnant energy.

As I journey with your Soul I intuitively feel where + what needs shifting, I then use a combination of intuitive modalities to release these blocks so you are able to move forward in your life Earth side.

To help you integrate these energetic shifts + to stay grounded + balanced, I intuitively make an essential oil blend specifically tailored from our session together. Use this daily while integrating or when you feel the need to be balanced + grounded.

These sessions can be done in person or via distance.

If you opt for distance I record the session and then send you a detailed email for you to read and fully immerse yourself in for deeper healing.

Do not doubt how Potent + Powerful these sessions are.

Sessions will include a blend of the following elements, tailored to your needs:  Reiki, Divine guidance, Shamanic drumming, Oracle cards & Earth energy. 


Distant Crystal Reiki

Energy healings are just as powerful via distance. Energy moves the same through time and space, no matter where we are. There is no barrier. 

Crystal Reiki can help to reduce stress, encourage relaxation, enhance your spiritual journey or meditation practice, heal emotional trauma, promote love & compassion for yourself & others, manage physical pain & dis-ease in the body and so much more.

 We'll come together via email and discuss what you need. I'll use my intuition to get clarity on how to facilitate your healing. 

Sessions will include a blend of the following elements, tailored to your needs:  Crystals Reiki, Divine guidance, & Earth Energy

These sessions are currently unavailable.