What am I up too Now?

Who I am, What I do & What I am up to Now!

I'm an intuitive energy healer, I use reiki, crystals, messages from my guides to unlock or uncode what it is your anxiety or body is trying to tell you. I also run online programs for You to be able to get to know Yourself on a deeper level, from deepening your self love, to getting to know your chakras and listening to your intuition. 

I work with mum's who have anxiety in their everyday life cause I know just how hard it is to make it through the day when you live with anxiety. I suffered with generalized anxiety when I fell pregnant with my first child 20yrs ago. At time when I was supposed to be feeling wonderful and excited, I also had more than I wanted to admit back then, times of fear and worry. So I know first hand the worry and desperation you feel. 
It all changed for me when I started out on my spiritual journey, home to myself. With the guidance of some amazing women who helped me to see past my anxiety and be open to hearing what it was telling me, I was able to release that fear and worry and start living a life I no longer want to run away from. 

At the moment I am working with Another wonderful and brilliant women who is helping me with all the business side of what I do, while caring for my beautiful and somewhat crazy family including extra cuddles and naps with our newest member, oh yeah and packing cause we're moving in a few weeks!

All this + throw in a session or two with clients! Sounds kinda crazy but all this fills me with excitement and anticipation for what's to come. 

If you'd love to know more on what I offer send me a PM on Facebook or Email me and let's chat. 

Love + light beautiful souls
Lisa xo

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