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My 5 Top Tips to Interrupt Anxiety!

1. Breathe!

Your breath is one of your easiest and strongest tools you can use! Place one hand on your belly and one over your heart. Now take a deep breath in right down into your belly, feel your belly expand with air & light. Hold it there for up to 4 seconds then slowly release. Do this until you feel your energy has shifted from anxious and fear to relaxed & peaceful.

2. Step Outside!

Get outside and take note of what you can see, hear & smell! Can you see birds, plants, cars, etc. Can you people, dogs barking, trains? What can you smell? Salt air, gum trees, diesel fumes?

3. Dance!

Never underestimate the power of movement! Turn on your favourite sing that makes you want to move and turn it UP! Move the energy through your body. Dance until you are either laughing or crying, both are great for you and is just what you need to release that anxiety.

4. Connect with Mother Earth!

Lay or stand barefoot upon the earth, close your eyes and ask to feel the love and support of Mother Earth. Surrender into her and allow her energy to rise up through you, replacing your anxiety with love.

5. Journaling!

Write, write, write! Put pen to paper and write down what it is your feeling, what is worrying you? Let it all pour out onto the paper. Once you
have nothing left, start writing what you are grateful for, what is it that fills your heart with love and joy? Replace your anxiety with gratitude.

Send me an email and let me know if any of my 5 Top Tips have helped you Interrupt your Anxiety, I'd love to hear from YOU!

Love + light beautiful souls

Lisa xo