Excitement and Fear!

The excitement of selling our home diminished quickly.

The stress soon arrived from my husband and family worried about if we would find a home in this current market, how far were we going to be moving away from them and how were we going to do all this with a new baby?

For me when the opportunity came to sell our home I was filled with excitement!

I had seen the visions of this move coming and I had complete trust in the universe with the timing!

Don't get me wrong there were times when I lost my shit, cried and felt completely frustrated.

Yet through the tears I'd never felt stronger or never trusted in the universe so deeply, I knew without a doubt where we were going even when no one else did!

Trying to be patient while they caught up was not easy! Thankfully I did have the support of some very amazing girlfriends, my sister, my mum, my wonderful homeopath and a shaman who is always knows what I need! My children helped by keeping me present as possible, even when I was worried about what was happening! Oh and good ol’ Mother Earth for keeping me grounded and reminding me I am not alone and am always supported even when I am feeling not so supported!

We have tools available to us, it is however our choice whether we use them or not!

Do we want to be the radiant light that we are or sit uncomfortably and linger in our pain and fear?

I wanted to share this part of my journey with you to let you know there is not 1 person who is above or below you that has their shit together 24/7!
We are all equals for we are all ONE! And there will be days that we fall apart, but together we can put ourselves back better and brighter than before 💖

If you ever feel like you're lingering in the darkness and unsure of how to see the light, email or message me on FB and together we can rekindle your light.

Love + light beautiful souls
Lisa xo


Never underestimate the POWER of your Breath + Nature!

Never underestimate the POWER of your Breath + Nature!