Postnatal Depression & Me!

This is the definition of Postnatal depression;
depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, and fatigue.

I've had postnatal depression with two out of  three of my children. With baby number 1 and now with baby number 3.

This time round I've been lying to myself and others saying things like “I'm fine” its just normal stresses that are associated with selling, buying and moving house! You can only lie to yourself so long before it all comes to a head!

Also never believe a woman who says she's fine!

One of the main reasons I didn't acknowledge my postnatal depression this time round was that it has been totally different.

The first time I had such strong and debilitating anxiety attacks.

This time I'd prefer to be alone.

So  It wasn't until recently that I actually admitted to myself and others that Yes I have Postnatal Depression again.

I started asking myself questions like,



Am I putting too much pressure on myself?

Is society putting too much pressure on mum's?

I started feeling angry, and I mean anger that bubbled from deep within.

Like a fire, it grew the more I questioned why I have postnatal depression?

how do we get postnatal depression?

The fire grew within me.

I cried

I screamed

I howled

I started journaling all the feelings and thoughts that arose.

I meditated

I sought help

You know what I discovered!

The anger and the rage not only came from me but from so many women before me.

We are AnGrY!


Motherhood is a journey, sometimes beautiful and sometimes ugly.

Either way it is not one size fits all and yet we are all squeezed into little boxes.

There's all these time frames for

Establishing breastfeeding,

Sleep routines,

Intimacy returns


Eat well

School routines

Back to work

On and

On and


Enough is enough!

We put so much pressure on ourselves!  

Then wonder why we can feel lost, angry, emotional!

We are women,


We are Goddesses

We have huge amounts of hormones flowing through our bodies, we have been growing and now looking after our beautiful baby.

Let us enjoy this time.

Nurture us.

We have sleepless nights

We are tired

We are trying our hardest to keep everything together,

to keep everyone organised.

Who is checking on us?

Please don't call and ask if we're ok?

Do you know how hard it is to let our wall down to admit that we need help!

We have been conditioned to think that asking for help is a sign of failure, that we are weak and as much as I'm trying to change that for myself, I still struggle.

So even 10 months after the arrival of our precise baby we still may need help.

Make us a meal,

Fold the washing,

Go on a walk with us,

Take a sibling for the day or night

Come and just hang with us for the day, we'd love to see you.

Most of all please just listen without judgement or trying to fix us.

There is nothing that means more to us than having someone just listen!

Especially if they bring food!

So while society likes to put me in a box labeled Postnatal Depression,

I'm choosing a new box!

The journeys of Motherhood!

It's tough but oh so miraculous,

I will be open and share from the heart.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or think you have Postnatal depression please seek help or talk to a trusted friend,

or if you know of a mumma, grab some food and go visit her!

It's time for us to support and love one another,.

It's time for our Sisterhood to Return.

Much love

Lisa xo


I Will Not Apologise!

I've let quite a few of my daily spiritual + self love rituals fall aside in the bliss of a new baby. I didn't even notice until I was filled with anxiety, couldn't breathe & just wanted to cry.
I felt so overwhelmed trying to be superwoman and do everything myself, not asking for help or allowing myself to be supported that it took Anxiety to wake me up and take notice.

Why in earth did I feel I needed to prove myself? And to Who?

Why did I think I was not enough?

Why have I been scared to be me?

I'll tell you why................ because I was out of alignment with ME!

I was trying to be someone I'm not!

I was allowing people's judgement's of should's and could's push me in a direction that is not Me!
Not anymore!

I will not Apologise for feeling things too much!

I will not Apologise for caring for myself first!

I will not Apologise for feeling the cries deep within of Mother Earth!

I will not Apologise or explain myself any longer.

Yes I am a Mum, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Empath, Intuitive Healer, Leader, Goddess, Earth Warrior, but these are just labels and are only a fraction of who I am.
I am so much more and allow Myself to awaken more and shine in a new bright and sparkly way.

I have started OM chanting meditating again and just love how it not only relaxes me but also soothes my beautiful little baby. I love sharing my practices with my children and want them to grow up knowing the importance of Connection to Self!

Anxiety arrives when are not looking after ourselves and listening to our Soul! It has a message for us, not always clear and easy to decipher but it is there. If you need help breaking through your anxiety get in contact and let's kick anxiety's butt and start living from a place of Love! 

Love + light, Lisa xx

Full Moon Goddess.jpg

Excitement and Fear!

The excitement of selling our home diminished quickly.

The stress soon arrived from my husband and family worried about if we would find a home in this current market, how far were we going to be moving away from them and how were we going to do all this with a new baby?

For me when the opportunity came to sell our home I was filled with excitement!

I had seen the visions of this move coming and I had complete trust in the universe with the timing!

Don't get me wrong there were times when I lost my shit, cried and felt completely frustrated.

Yet through the tears I'd never felt stronger or never trusted in the universe so deeply, I knew without a doubt where we were going even when no one else did!

Trying to be patient while they caught up was not easy! Thankfully I did have the support of some very amazing girlfriends, my sister, my mum, my wonderful homeopath and a shaman who is always knows what I need! My children helped by keeping me present as possible, even when I was worried about what was happening! Oh and good ol’ Mother Earth for keeping me grounded and reminding me I am not alone and am always supported even when I am feeling not so supported!

We have tools available to us, it is however our choice whether we use them or not!

Do we want to be the radiant light that we are or sit uncomfortably and linger in our pain and fear?

I wanted to share this part of my journey with you to let you know there is not 1 person who is above or below you that has their shit together 24/7!
We are all equals for we are all ONE! And there will be days that we fall apart, but together we can put ourselves back better and brighter than before 💖

If you ever feel like you're lingering in the darkness and unsure of how to see the light, email or message me on FB and together we can rekindle your light.

Love + light beautiful souls
Lisa xo


Never underestimate the POWER of your Breath + Nature!

Never underestimate the POWER of your Breath + Nature!

I see You

I See You sitting there worrying if you've done enough for your child/children.

I See You worrying if anyone has noticed you're not feeling safe.

I See You feeling that the earth just might collapse from right under you.

I See You hiding from yourself.

I See You struggling to breathe.

I See You just holding it all together.

I See You because I am You!

I have been where you are fearing the morning, the start of a new day, a new day of fears, of panic! Wondering how I'm going to face this day and be enough for my children! Will they notice my anxiety and panic? Will they know I just want to run away and sleep and not worry or fear the day anymore.

I wished it would it would all end!

Not my life!

The Fear, the Panic, the Constant Worry!

Somewhere deep inside me I knew there was more than this!

I hoped there was more!

I wanted to feel alive!

I wanted more for my children!

I wanted them to not be scared to live!

I want You to know that you don't have to live that way any longer.

Contact me and let's work together to meet your Anxiety with Love and turn your Fear into Excitement.

I see You
You are Worthy of so much more.

Love + light beautiful soul Lisa xo

She believed she could.jpg



she could, 


she did

The birth of my third child did not go as I had planned!

I was so excited to meet our little Earth child. I used mantras, read positive birth stories, meditated, had healing crystals and Oracle cards around me! I had this in the bag! I'd done it twice before so was prepared for a long labour full of it's own twists and turns.

But of course what I had on my birth plan was not what the Universe had planned for me!
Labour did not proceed as it should have and before I knew it there was discussions of a cesarean. To be honest this freaked me out!


Was I strong enough?

Would I die?

Would my baby die?

I could feel the panic rising up through my body and I couldn't run from this! I so wanted to run....

I breathed into the fear, the panic!

I spoke to my guides, angels & God. I asked for strength & guidance. I surrendered! I opened myself and let what was to come next to come. I asked for a sign.

The next three signs all pointed towards a cesarean. Even with the fear, I knew I was supported and loved.
I used my tools, I breathed, repeated my mantras and welcomed my beautiful baby earth child to the world.

 Why am I sharing this with you?

Cause anxiety and fear will rise Again and Again!

It's when we start to connect to ourselves on a deeper level, and really get to know our Soul, that we can face our anxiety and fears with love.

If you want to know more or are ready to meet your anxiety with love email me or PM me on Facebook.

Love + light beautiful souls

Lisa xo


My 5 Top Tips to Interrupt Anxiety!

1. Breathe!

Your breath is one of your easiest and strongest tools you can use! Place one hand on your belly and one over your heart. Now take a deep breath in right down into your belly, feel your belly expand with air & light. Hold it there for up to 4 seconds then slowly release. Do this until you feel your energy has shifted from anxious and fear to relaxed & peaceful.

2. Step Outside!

Get outside and take note of what you can see, hear & smell! Can you see birds, plants, cars, etc. Can you people, dogs barking, trains? What can you smell? Salt air, gum trees, diesel fumes?

3. Dance!

Never underestimate the power of movement! Turn on your favourite sing that makes you want to move and turn it UP! Move the energy through your body. Dance until you are either laughing or crying, both are great for you and is just what you need to release that anxiety.

4. Connect with Mother Earth!

Lay or stand barefoot upon the earth, close your eyes and ask to feel the love and support of Mother Earth. Surrender into her and allow her energy to rise up through you, replacing your anxiety with love.

5. Journaling!

Write, write, write! Put pen to paper and write down what it is your feeling, what is worrying you? Let it all pour out onto the paper. Once you
have nothing left, start writing what you are grateful for, what is it that fills your heart with love and joy? Replace your anxiety with gratitude.

Send me an email and let me know if any of my 5 Top Tips have helped you Interrupt your Anxiety, I'd love to hear from YOU!

Love + light beautiful souls

Lisa xo


Who I am, What I do & What I am up to Now!

I'm an intuitive energy healer, I use reiki, crystals, messages from my guides to unlock or uncode what it is your anxiety or body is trying to tell you. I also run online programs for You to be able to get to know Yourself on a deeper level, from deepening your self love, to getting to know your chakras and listening to your intuition. 

I work with mum's who have anxiety in their everyday life cause I know just how hard it is to make it through the day when you live with anxiety. I suffered with generalized anxiety when I fell pregnant with my first child 20yrs ago. At time when I was supposed to be feeling wonderful and excited, I also had more than I wanted to admit back then, times of fear and worry. So I know first hand the worry and desperation you feel. 
It all changed for me when I started out on my spiritual journey, home to myself. With the guidance of some amazing women who helped me to see past my anxiety and be open to hearing what it was telling me, I was able to release that fear and worry and start living a life I no longer want to run away from. 

At the moment I am working with Another wonderful and brilliant women who is helping me with all the business side of what I do, while caring for my beautiful and somewhat crazy family including extra cuddles and naps with our newest member, oh yeah and packing cause we're moving in a few weeks!

All this + throw in a session or two with clients! Sounds kinda crazy but all this fills me with excitement and anticipation for what's to come. 

If you'd love to know more on what I offer send me a PM on Facebook or Email me and let's chat. 

Love + light beautiful souls
Lisa xo

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